The Black Jam Circus are an eclectic band of merry men from South Wales who play their own brand of cheeky ska / funk / punk / pop music, with a unique collection of songs based on real life experiences. 

Not much is known about the band members, but if the whispers are to be believed, there are suggestions that they are a group of 8 brothers that used to work with a travelling circus. Rumour has it that despite all having different fathers, they all share the same mother, a bearded lady known as Nahni Hink. 

After concocting their debut album over the past 2 years, the band are now ready to release their creation into the wild... 

The official album launch took place on 03/02/2017, and the album is now available to download here.

With new videos being released regularly and new material for a second album being recorded at the moment the future looks bright for this wacky troupe. 

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